Our Business is Sales and Acquisition of Liquor Related Businesses
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About Us
When we say we understand businesses, accounting, valuation and potential, WE REALLY DO. We
have owned, operated and sold businesses prior to starting business brokerage in 2008. Our focus
is sales and acquisition of liquor related businesses. We keep a database of potential buyers and
sellers and their criteria for purchasing or selling their business. We encourage you to fill out the
REGISTER form on the home page, so that we can inform you of the opportunity that matches your

We understand that buying and selling a business is a major financial decision which requires
considerable thought process, because it may be the only source of income that you and your
family may depends on. This is where we can help you, in making your final decision.

Liquor Businesses will continue to be a great investment, unless prohibition comes back! If you're
looking for a small business opportunity that is versatile, flexible and profitable, you could do a lot
worse than buying a liquor store. Although some liquor stores have a reputation for being seedy
business, but mostly cater to a broad spectrum of customers. Some have even transformed
themselves into businesses that target upper middle class customers in search of fine wine and
high-end spirits.
For the most part, liquor stores are recession-proof businesses, but due to changes in the economy liquor stores owners need to modify
their products and sales strategies so that store has the flexibility to adapt to changing customer needs and the ability to remain viable over
the long term. Today's liquor stores are much more than booze warehouses. Many offer ambiance that appeals to amateur wine
connoisseurs and trend-conscious clientele. Straightforward liquor stores are also common, but you'll need to know what kind of a vibe
you're going for before you buy the business. This is where we can educate buyers and sellers and create growth.
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